XINJIANG ALETAI INDUSTRIAL FELTS CO., LTD. was established in 1966, is designated the former ministry of light industry for production of leather felt set enterprises, and has many provincial and ministerial lever scientific and technological innovation projects. Our company passed the national scientific and technological achievements in the leather, textile printing and dyeing, paper making industry and so on, is one the most famous leather, textile, papermaking needling felts manufacturers. Our company provides more than 50 different kinds of felts for leather, textile, and paper making manufacturers.

  With the development of leather and textile industry, “Meitai” has been a preferred manufacturer, and the products are improved and renovated as the latest leather and textile standards.  
  Researched and developed together with our clients, these felts For tubular or open-width knitted fabrics have a very smooth, non-marking surface, are very flexible and ensure good shrinking effect. .  
  “Meitai” paper machine clothing are researched and developed by state-of-the-art press felt technology for every press position and paper grade. The innovative base cloth structures coupled……